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Marketplace Automation

CloudConnect Suite integration and marketplace management platform connects your marketplaces, website and fulfillment network providing one central location to manage your ecommerce business across all selling channels.

Content Syndication

Manage and syndicate catalog content for all marketplace and marketing partners in one location.  Enhance content on an individual partner basis to make the best use of each platform and its customers. 

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Pricing & Inventory Updates

Automatic pricing and inventory updates in real-time across all marketplaces.  Unlimited pricing flexibility allows you to set price levels by channel and by partner as needed, including promo pricing with start and end dates. 

CloudConnect Suite connects your business to the world of ecommerce. Automating all transactions no matter where they originate, be it your website or marketplace partners, and fulfilling orders from any warehouse including your own warehouse, 3PL provider or drop ship supplier. Integrated with the latest technology for managing product information, inventory and pricing all in one convenient location and syndicating new additions and changes automatically in real time to all selling and marketing channels.  

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